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  • Yangzhou Yijing Property Type:high-rise Apartment Type:请选择 Area:98㎡

    Yangzhou Art Wonderland, a 200,000 ㎡ residential community of the Brown Stone Series dedicated to the people of Yangzhou who exert influence on China by Gemdale Corporation. Gemdale, being one of China’s top 4 real estate developers with 24 years of experience in property development, has developed Art Wonderland projects in more than 20 cities. The Yangzhou Art Wonderland is a residential project  built in a scientific way to serve thousands of high-net-worth families and lead the trend of humanistic life style. Adjacent to Yangzhou Economic Development Zone - the only state-level economic development zone, Yangzhou Art Wonderland is a new international ecological residential community that boasts of Boston waterfront lifestyle. It is located in a low-carbon and ecological living radius of 3,500 meters in diameter and surrounded by 4 ecological parks, sharing the prosperity of two metropolises and getting easy access to a “3 horizontal and 2 vertical” transportation network. It also lies at the back of the 20,000 ㎡ Back Bay Park. There are two major types of properties in Art Wonderland: the 4-storey or 7-storey or 8 storey brownstone townhouse, and apartments with “sky yard” in high-rise buildings. The design of brown stone garden house adopts receding mesas, creating additional value-added space. And the design for apartment with “sky yard” in high-rise buildings is beyond your imagination, making the buildings to be part of the nature. Every piece of architectural works in Yangzhou Art Wonderland, from the delicate and elegant gate, the knocker, the decorative iron railings,  the ever shining gas lamp, to the red brick sidewalk, is an incarnation of everlasting classic architecture. These reminiscent objects together help create a nostalgic atmosphere, recalling your memory of Audrey Hepburn and passing the dream of Belle Epoque onto the next century. 



  • Beijing Langyue Property Type:tall building Apartment Type:3 bed & 2 live Area:89㎡

    Gemdale River Town is a quality product of Gemdale Corporation designed to improve the living conditions of first-time home buyers in Beijing. As a demo product of the Eminence Series, one of the four major product lines of Gemdale, Gemdale River Town adheres to the exquisite and elegant style of Gemdale developed over the past 23 years and the philosophy of building homes in a scientific way, and focuses on the brand connotation of “leading human-oriented living”, so as to provide a comprehensive lifestyle solution for first-time home buyers in the Chinese capital.

    Gemdale River Town is located at Changyang, where the government offices and central business district of Fangshan District are located. On its east lies the Xiaoqing River and a forest park covering an area of 10,000 hectares, where fresh air and beautiful environment contribute to a perfect fusion of people and nature. On its west is the cultural artery of the city – the University City, which has plenty of educational resources and a rich humanistic atmosphere. Currently, 95% of the owners hold bachelor degrees or above and over 80% of them hold master degrees, and 20% of them even have PhD degrees, thereby forming a unique intellectual and humanistic community. 500 meters to the south of the project is the North Station of University City along the Fangshan Metro Line, providing the owners with unsurpassed convenience of public transportation. To the north side, the project is within easy reach to excellent shopping facilities of the central shopping district (CSD), providing one-stop solution for entertainment and shopping. The Armed Police General Hospital, a grade-A hospital, will be relocated to a site one kilometer to the south of the project, supporting the community with convenient medical services. The project site will have its own kindergarten, primary and secondary schools and well-known primary and secondary schools in Beijing will also be introduced. These educational facilities with the project will help solve the problem of 13-year general education and school transportation arrangement for children of our residents.

  • Yantai Lanyue Property Type:high-rise Apartment Type:2 bed & 2 live Area:80㎡

    Gemdale Yantai Glory Mansion is located at a prime site in Gaoxin District, Yantai. On its south is China Agricultural University, on its west is a natural black pine forest with an area of 10,000 mu, and on its north is Binhai Avenue, the main road of the city. The project overlooks the Mashanzhai 18-hole golf course and the Yangma Island Resort and a marina. The project also enjoys all kinds of quality amenities such as JUSCO, International Expo Center, Yantai University, Sports Park and Geological Museum. The neighbourhood is accessible to convenient transportation, the project is only 15-minute by car to the city center on the west and about 8-minute by car to the Yangma Island scenic spot on the east, and only 10-minute by car from the municipal government. The total GFA of the project is approximately 130,000m2, with 11 residential buildings in neoclassical style situated next to the black pine forest in an orderly manner.

  • Shenzhen Mingfeng Property Type:high-rise Apartment Type:2 bed & 2 live Area:90㎡

    Gemdale Mingfeng is located at the golf ecological district of Longgang city centre, Shenzhen, and it is another legend of mountain lifestyle created by Gemdale after Xiangmishan. It is the first housing estate in Shenzhen with pure duplex apartments. With its unique development concept of the 2nd generation of duplex units for “ultimate improvement”, Gemdale Mingfeng will become a benchmark project of Gemdale’s Eminence series, as well as an excellent representative of Gemdale’s mainstream products in Shenzhen. Each unit of this project has a GFA of 89m2 with 4 bedrooms, 1 living room and 1 dinning room, N+2 duplex layout with ample space for expansion. The space above the living room comprises the master bedroom, a study room and guest rooms. The open style study room has a small balcony, standard width 2.7m, can also be used as a living room.

  • Shenyang Mingjing Property Type:tall building Apartment Type:3 bed & 2 live Area:125㎡

    Shenyang Gemdale City Crown is located at the intersection of North No. 1 Road, North No. 2 Road and Baogong Street, Tiexi District, which is the former site of TEBA, with very convenient transportation and well-established auxiliary facilities. Located within the First Ring Road where land is scarce and valuable, Shenyang Gemdale City Crown enjoys the convenience of two nearby commercial districts, namely Taiyuan Street and Tiexi Department Store. There are many recreational and entertainment facilities in the vicinity, including shopping malls and high-class hotels, a number of 4S Stores and the largest IKEA store in Asia. The project comprises neoclassical style high-rise apartments, mid-rise apartments and townhouses, completed with comprehensive high-end amenities including a top-class clubhouse with a GFA of 7,000m2, large-scale commercial facilities with a GFA of 120,000m2 and landscaping in new French style. Currently, Shenyang Gemdale City Crown has put on the market spectacular-view mid-rise apartments in Phase 2.3 and boutique apartments in Phase 5, which have received extensive attention from the market and the industry. The project is regarded as the premium-grade landmark in the high-value district of new Tiexi.

  • Shanghai Sheshangtianjing Property Type:别墅 Apartment Type:五房及以上 Area:360㎡

    Sheshan Azure project has total site area of 315 mu, a planned plot ratio of 1.0 and a green coverage rate of 51.9%, which is really rare for a villa project to have such low plot ratio and high green coverage rate. The project has total GFA of 210,000 m2 and is developed in two phases. Among which, Phase I is comprised of two blocks and one clubhouse, with total GFA of over 100,000m2, and a total of 383 villas are to be built. To the west of the community is Song Tang River, a 50-meter-wide natural river; to its north is Yejin Road, also known as Yinxing Road, the Yingbin Road of the community; to its east is Xinxi River, an artificial river, which, together with Song Tang River, forms the optimal Fengshui pattern of Shuang Long Bao Zhu (two dragons embracing a pear), and to its south is a new road under planning. The new Sheshan International Community where the Sheshan Azure project is located, is a landmark area of luxurious properties completed with high-end amenity facilities in Shanghai. To the south of the project is Sheshan Sofitel Hotel, a five-star luxurious hotel in Shanghai. In its vicinity are several five-star hotels including Le Meridien She Shan Shanghai, and Shimao Pit Hotel under construction. The project is approximately 1.5 kilometer away from Sheshan Station of Shanghai Metro Line 9, and will also have the convenience of easy access to Metro Line 20 (namely Qingpu Line, the west extension of Metro Line 20), which is currently under construction in the area.

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